Using AI Automation, Jamie, Our Virtual Agent Is Able To Automate Repetitive Tasks

“The era of static, impersonal patient portals is ending. The next frontier is a healthcare revolution where technology does more than process requests—it understands and empathises, ” Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO, EBO.

About the company

  • Company name: Saint James Hospital
  • Company website:
  • Hospital boasting a wide range of clinics, operation theatres and state of the art technology
  • Wide range of healthcare services offered on site
  • Has had a mission for 25 years to use leading edge technology to offer the best services

Business goals

Saint James Hospital has always been a facility that is on forefront of technology. The facility is known for improving the use of digital services and offering patients information and choices for care. The hospital would like to offer up the chance for patients to enjoy more empowered healthcare decisions through a customer service solution. The company was handling booking and processes for organizing with patients manually and AI was needed to streamline customer service operations like booking, payment, enquires and insurance.

  • Meet demands for urgent and contemporary healthcare customer service line.
  • Improving patient experience and the efficiency of use
  • Offer an evolved form of healthcare delivery with remote access, self service booking and improved transparency.


Through a series of business analysis workshops including data mining and business care, we built a custom Virtual Care agent named Jamie for the hospital. Using AI automation, Jamie was able to automate repetitive tasks and offer accessible answers over the hospital website and facebook messenger.

  • Jamie streamlined communication and reduced manual appointment booking. With consistent forms, answers and automated booking, the hospital remained easier to access.
  • New patient engagement platforms were created to capture patient data, enhance workflows for staff and provide answers to patients.


Jamie became an essential piece of the hospital framework. Over the learning initiatives of the AI system, the responses became better and Jamie was able to offer new opportunities to the hospital. With Jamie, the hospital has its booking handled with ease, it offers chat with customers and it has eliminated the need for ongoing customer service managers.

  • Immediate answers for patients
  • Appointment booking in minutes
  • Automatic bookings on the backend for operating theaters, surgical kits and more.
  • Eliminated paper letter confirmations
  • Saved thousands of hours of staff time


JEAN CLAUDE MUSCAT, CEO, Saint James Hospital Group

‘It is indeed a pleasure to work hand in hand with a company such as in developing our AI profile and competence. Apart from providing excellent technical expertise, has consistently supported, trained and maintained a close relationship with all our team whilst overseeing the development, deployment and the successful marketing of our AI platform. Such support is unique and provides us with the confidence and motivation to further develop this exciting Artificial Intelligence revolution together with in being able to provide a holistic and efficient experience to our clients.’

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