Automated Appointment Management

An intelligent way for patients to easily manage their appointments.

Recognising the substantial workload faced by healthcare providers within the NHS, EBO’s Automated Appointment Management solution streamlines and automates various appointment-related tasks, alleviating administrative burden, increasing staff capacity, creating hospital efficiency and enriching the patient experience.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Hi Michael! Sophie here, the NHS Virtual Assistant.
Nice to see you again.

Michael 12:05PM

Can I see my appointment letters from last May please? Related to my back pain.

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Yes sure! Your MSK therapy service appointment letters received in May 2023 are now being displayed on the right.

Michael 12:05PM

Can I see corrresondance for my other appointments?

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Sure, your appointment letters for all your appointments are displayed on the right.

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Michael 12:05PM

Yes, can I see my blood test results?

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Your latest blood test results are displayed and accessible on the right.

How it works

EBO’s Appointment Management solution offers a seamless and user-friendly interface, empowering patients to effortlessly:  


  1. Fully integrated to your EPR, this comprehensive approach empowers patients to independently manage their appointments, leading to increased satisfaction and reduced dependence on overburdened call-centres. 
  2. For hospitals, EBO’s Appointment Management solution significantly reduces the volume of calls and manual tasks related to appointment scheduling. This allows staff to redirect their focus on more critical aspects of patient care. By automating appointment-related communications and processes, hospitals can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and optimise resource allocation. 
  3. What’s more, by leveraging the power of Conversational AI, interaction with patients is through two-way, real-time, automated conversations that allow hospitals to digitalise patient engagement efforts whilst maintaining empathy and the patient at the heart of it. 
  4. The integration and widespread popularity of EBO’s AI technologies ensure that AI models continually learn and adapt to the specific needs and preferences of both patients and hospitals.  

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