Lab Results AI solution

Lab result processing and distribution made simple.


The Solution

The Lab Results product streamlines the process of managing and communicating lab results for both healthcare providers and patients. The product offers a highly accurate and efficient means of processing and disseminating routine results.  

How it works

For healthcare providers EBO’s solution automates the communication of lab results, reducing the burden on staff and minimising the risk of human error. The system is designed to understand routing rules and seamlessly integrate with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, ensuring secure and efficient data management.  

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Hi Michael! 👋 I’m Sophie, the NHS Virtual Assistant. It seems that you are on the waiting list for physiotherapy with the MSK team at St. Anne’s Hospital. Do you still need this appointment?

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Thank you for confirming.

Our team will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment date as soon as one becomes available.

If you receive an appointment by letter and cannot attend, you will be given the opportunity to change this. Please be aware that failure to attend your appointment may result in you being discharged.

Michael 11:45AM

But when are you going to see me? I’m feeling worse and I’m struggling to walk and work.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

I’m very sorry to hear that. Would you like to talk to someone from the service about it?

Michael 11:45AM

Yes, please.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Sure, I will inform the team and someone will give you a call in the next 48 hours.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

If it needs to be looked at more urgently please contact your GP or phone 111 for advice.

Michael 11:45AM

Thank you.


From a patient’s standpoint this is a convenient, user-friendly interface for accessing lab results via multiple channels. Not only does it offer transparency in result retrieval, but it also guides patients through any necessary follow-up actions, such as scheduling appointments with healthcare providers or obtaining additional tests. Think, your patient’s very own healthcare assistant.

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