Placing patient conversations at the heart of healthcare

As an international leader in AI-powered automation, and supported by Microsoft, EBO has built an unrivalled team of data scientists, linguists and software developers rooted by clinical insight. EBO is an active contributor to leadership around the positively managed impact of Artificial Intelligence and continues to invest significantly in both software tools and a range of professional services to support the introduction of novel technologies during challenging times for the NHS.

Who is EBO?

EBO delivers meaningful outcomes by helping businesses automate repetitive processes.

We create highly customisable Virtual Assistants that offer your patients a service so seamless, that it is indistinguishable from the experience of interacting with your human resources.

Virtual Assistants have the added advantage of continuously learning how to perform more tasks better. EBO’s AI solutions enable your staff to focus on solving more significant, complex issues.

We believe that the benefits of AI should be available to all companies irrespective of size. EBO’s AI enables enterprises to connect more meaningfully and efficiently with customers, freeing their staff to add value where it matters most. We transform customer service by providing the right tools to improve efficiency and drive down costs.

What sets EBO apart?

EBO’s AI solution simulates human conversation between a healthcare service provider and its patients  in over 100 languages and on any channel of choice. By creating this rich personalised experience, EBO lowers the bar for digital inclusion and enables patients to take an active role in their healthcare journey. This helps patients to feel seen, heard and most importantly, valued, and informed.  

EBO’s AI solution can be integrated securely with existing clinical systems, such as Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) to be able to act on behalf of the patient based on defined workflows. This approach automates processes which otherwise would require human intervention. 

EBO is superior to existing market solutions due to its novel approach to addressing healthcare accessibility and efficiency through conversational AI technologies, ensuring that nobody is left behind. Current market solutions often extend the functions of legacy systems into hard-to-use portals,apps and tedious forms. EBO on the other hand, offers a more intuitive and user-friendly conversational interface which can be used from basic devices with low digital literacy skills. EBO ensures that any transaction with patients happens via a two-way natural dialogue that is accurate, empathic and engaging.  


Meet the Team

The technology we build is pioneering and world-leading, but most importantly patient-centric. Our goal is to deliver the best patient engagement experience possible. Here are the people who make it possible.

Dr. Gege Gatt

CEO and founder

EBO’s CEO and founder, Dr. Gege Gatt is a digital entrepreneur, lecturer, IT-Law specialist and a Director serving on a number of company boards. As a thought leader in the industry, Gege regularly contributes to IT publications and academic papers, and is a frequent speaker at business and tech conferences. As an advocate for properly regulated ethical AI, Dr. Gege has supported the implementation of new ICT laws in the AI field. He also acts as a Board Member on the Vatican’s initiative on technology and well being: Humanity 2.0 for which he also mentored the first ever Vatican Hackathon.

John Deguara

Chief Operations Officer

A leader in organizational dynamics and project & operational management, John focuses on ensuring benefits remain the objective of any project at EBO. As COO, John brings strategic direction to the operational team, supports the company with critical thinking and decision making whilst ensuring communication remains strong and cohesive.

Bob Gilkes

Chief Commercial Officer

Bob Gilkes is accountable for driving integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions at EBO. With a 20-year focus on the application of novel, data-driven technologies, Bob brings with him years of experience in enterprise sales through roles at AT&T NCR and EPRO. He has been part of executive teams in both Fortune 500 public and start-up-venture-backed private sector businesses. Bob joined EBO at an important juncture, enhancing a results-oriented culture by encouraging curiosity and thinking “outside the box”.

Richard Abdilla Castillo

Chief Financial Officer

As EBO’s CFO, Richard manages the company’s budgeting and forecasting. He oversees accounting policies based on international standards and spot-checks activities therein. He supports the execution of strategy through financial means and implements controls across EBO’s markets. Richard also serves as the chairman and director of Hili Ventures Limited, a leading group of companies engaged in multi-sited activities and partnership.

Christine Swain

Chief Clinical Officer

Dom Wolf

Strategy Director

An expert in strategy, planning and execution, Dom has experience in building and growing award-winning platforms. Dom is responsible for setting EBO’s strategic roadmap which translates broad business objectives into specific, relevant and ambitious goals, and sets credible measures for each. He is a strong proponent of using Lean/Agile to build & launch excellent products.

Paul Boland

Healthcare Division Director

With over 20 years of experience within the healthcare industry, Paul has held a variety of commercial roles with market-leading IT solution providers such as Civica, and CareWorks. Paul’s extensive knowledge of the NHS and healthcare industry has helped EBO to deliver complex contracts and ensure that its product design is fit-for-purpose and meets market needs. Passionate about improving healthcare services using technology, Paul believes that good IT solutions, properly implemented, can be a powerful enabler of public service delivery.

Neil Taylor

Senior Healthcare Consultant


Dr. Imran Khan

Clinical Safety Officer

Alexandra Micallef

Project Director

Nikki Schinas

Head of Marketing Communications

Nichola Portelli

Operations & Finance Manager

Anabelle Gatt

Head of Human Language Technology

An expert in computational linguistics, Anabelle specialises in transforming client requirements into language models. On a daily basis, Anabelle oversees the creation of new models for Virtual Agents, monitors their performance and researches and deploys other NLP-based functions. Her analytical skills allow her to provide visibility on EBO’s Virtual Agents’ performance and provide insight into how the Virtual Agent can continually be improved to always add maximum value to our clients.

Ani Hakobyan

Quality Assurance Team Lead

João Carvalho

Data Scientist Lead

Aleksandar Trifunovski 

Product Architect

Christian Sammut


Christian Sammut is the Chief Executive Officer of BMIT Group, EBO’s partner in the iGaming sector. In 2015 Ing Sammut was appointed non-executive Chairman of Gaming Malta, an independent non-profit foundation set up by the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority. Here he was tasked with promoting Malta as a centre of excellence in the remote global gaming sector as well as enhancing the ecosystem surrounding this sector.

Ian Castillo


An investor and tech entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in the industry, Ian Castillo is the Co-Founder of ICON, one of Malta’s most recognised names in the field of digital transformation. He is at the forefront of conversation management, enabling enterprises to reach wider audiences through innovative software solutions.


Discover the adaptability of EBO's healthcare solutions, designed for your organization's distinct requirements. From rapid deployment of standalone systems to full integration with existing EPRs, we leverage over 100 years of collective healthcare experience for your digital transformation

Success Stories

See how we supercharged our client's customer engagement.

EBO's AI-driven solution revolutionises healthcare accessibility and patient empowerment for Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust. Read Story
EBO worked closely with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, to develop an AI automated waiting list validation tool which engaged patients through a Virtual Assistant, automating the validation process and making it more efficient and patient-centric.
EBO developed an AI Virtual Assistant (VA) for Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to automate its appointment booking workload. Based on the VA's successful results, £456,000 in annual savings is projected at a target adoption rate of 30%.
EBO developed a custom-built Virtual Assistant for Saint James Hospital to automate and offer immediate answers to patients’ FAQs on a 24/7 basis as well as manage patient’s appointment bookings from start to finish. Read Story

Virtual Agents help businesses drive conversations.

Here are a few words from our clients on their experience with our solution.



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