Automated Assessments

Replace tedious paper and digital forms with automated two-way natural dialogue.

EBO’s Automated AI Assessments solution digitises the traditionally paper-heavy and error-prone activities associated with clinical assessments and consent provisioning. This is done by leveraging EBO’s Conversational Form Design (CFD) methodology.

Through deployed Virtual Assistants, EBO’s solution efficiently gathers crucial pre-appointment or pre-operative data, ensuring optimal productivity during in-person hospital visits. EBO has already developed several standard forms and assessments used in public healthcare (such as Immunisation consents, PHQ9, GADD7 & Core Memory Assessment) which have now become available to all hospitals utilising the EBO solution with zero-implementation effort. 

For patients, the product facilitates a seamless assessment process by guiding them through a system that employs either automatic or stage-gate based mechanisms. This approach ensures a smooth and personalised patient journey, allowing healthcare providers to address their needs more effectively. 

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Hi Michael! Sophie here, the NHS Virtual Assistant.
Nice to see you again.

Michael 12:05PM

Can I see my appointment letters from last May please? Related to my back pain.

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Yes sure! Your MSK therapy service appointment letters received in May 2023 are now being displayed on the right.

Michael 12:05PM

Can I see corrresondance for my other appointments?

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Sure, your appointment letters for all your appointments are displayed on the right.

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Michael 12:05PM

Yes, can I see my blood test results?

NHS Trust 12:05PM

Your latest blood test results are displayed and accessible on the right.

How it works

Additionally, the Virtual Agents can be utilised to obtain e-consents for vaccinations and other procedures. By sending context-sensitive links via SMS or email, patients are directed to an interactive and informative conversation where they can review essential details and provide their consent digitally.

This approach significantly reduces the reliance on paper-based methods, minimising the potential for errors and miscommunication. More so, it provides a more natural pathway within which the patient provides informed consent. 


For healthcare providers, the EBO Virtual Agents' capabilities in information collation and e-consent collection dramatically improve the efficiency of clinical assessments and consent management. This enhanced workflow not only saves time and resources but also allows healthcare professionals to focus on providing the highest quality of care to their patients.  

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