EBO Launches AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

“The era of static, impersonal patient portals is ending. The next frontier is a healthcare revolution where technology does more than process requests—it understands and empathises, ” Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO, EBO.

EBO is proud to announce the launch of its AI-powered Virtual Assistant for Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT). This AI technology is set to increase accessibility to mental health support for both service users and carers, by providing 24/7 user-friendly assistance to individuals in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, and North Essex.

About the Trust

HPFT provides health and social care to over 400,000 individuals facing mental and physical health challenges, as well as learning disabilities. With a team of approximately 4,000 dedicated professionals, HPFT delivers comprehensive services within the community and in inpatient settings, including nationally commissioned specialist services for children, young people, perinatal care, and medium to low secure learning disabilities.

About the Solution

The Trust has a vision to take advantage of the latest conversational-AI technology and make mental health support more accessible to all. This AI-powered assistant, named ‘Balm’ is available via a chat platform on a number of the Trust’s websites. Balm serves as a non-clinical digital resource, providing self-care information and signposting users to mental health advice and support.

Services Users, including both primary and secondary users can easily chat to the Virtual Assistant to gain signposting, end-user support, and self-management.This provides an extremely effective way to support service users who are not in crisis (for those in crisis there is immediate information for them to access help).

24/7 Access to Mental Health Support

EBO’s Virtual Assistant ensures a quick and easy way to access mental health support online, catering to the diverse needs of users around the clock.

Targeted Support for All Age Groups

Balm has, so far, been rolled out across NHS Talking Therapies and Children and Adolescents Mental Health (CAMHS). The EBO Virtual Assistant will expand its reach to cover Working Age Adults Services and Older People’s Services (MHSOP), providing comprehensive support across all age groups that the Trust supports.

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Building Collaborative Content

Through collaboration with HPFT, service users, and carers, EBO will build signposting content and language models tailored to the unique needs of service users and carers.

User-Friendly AI Implementation for all 

EBO is dedicated to implementing intelligent AI Virtual Assistants that are user-friendly and accessible to all service users, irrespective of their digital skill set.

EBO is honored to partner with Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust in this transformative initiative. Together, we are committed to redefining mental health support, empowering individuals, and fostering a healthier, more connected community – ensuring to leave nobody behind.

Looking to integrate Conversational AI into your Trust and make healthcare more accessible? Download your guide to AI for healthcare today or get in touch. We’d love to discuss how EBO’s AI solution can bring you closer to your patients.

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