Women’s Healthcare – Enhancing  Accessibility and Inclusivity

“The era of static, impersonal patient portals is ending. The next frontier is a healthcare revolution where technology does more than process requests—it understands and empathises, ” Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO, EBO.

The Women’s Health Strategy for England, acknowledges the historical gender bias in healthcare, emphasising the need for a system that is more responsive to women’s unique health needs. According to the strategy, NHS services fall short of meeting women’s day-to-day needs, and placing importance on women-specific issues like miscarriage or menopause. 

A recent study by the  charity Endometriosis UK also unveils a disheartening reality stating that women across the UK endure excruciatingly long waits, often spanning nearly a decade, for an endometriosis diagnosis. Unfortunately, most of these women recount experiences of being dismissed, ignored, and belittled throughout their healthcare journey. This staggering revelation underscores the urgent need for systemic change within the UK’s healthcare landscape.

In response to these studies, EBO’s Digital Women’s Health Hub (DWHH) introduces an innovative approach to women’s health; one that places accessibility, education, and inclusivity at the heart of its solution.

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Ensuring no woman is left behind

Powered by Conversational AI technology, EBO’s Women’s Health Hub offers a 24/7 digital front door to clinical services, empowering patients to manage their health independently. 

The intelligent communication platform, presents itself as a Virtual Assistant surfaced on a Trust’s website. The solution engages with patients via two-way human-like automated dialogue, ensuring that information is delivered accurately, consistently, and with empathy across a woman’s lifespan.  

Through the use of an intelligent AI Virtual Assistant, EBO efficiently and addresses enquiries from patients, offers clear signposting and resources, gathers patient feedback and provides assessments without the need for constant human supervision.

By leveraging advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms within the Platform, the Virtual Assistant comprehends and responds to diverse questions, encompassing topics such as the availability of community service providers, specific service-related enquiries, medical procedures, and the hospital’s approach to care delivery. 

This innovative solution not only ensures inclusivity by catering to diverse demographics and linguistic backgrounds but also promotes health equity by delivering consistent, high-quality healthcare experiences across various devices and languages, 24/7. 


The NHS displays significant issues with poor communication8 which in turn impact patient care and satisfaction. In fact, over half of the public reported experiencing communication issues within the last five years. This provides impetus to EBO’s role as an interlocutor of good communication between a Trust and its citizens.

With EBO’s solution, women gain access to personalised, multilingual support and comprehensive healthcare information, addressing their unique needs and concerns. Among the benefits are:  

What sets EBO’s Women’s Health Hub apart is its ability to streamline healthcare delivery while fostering inclusivity and patient-centered care for women. The result? 

Well-informed patients who have their concerns taken seriously, in a timely manner, at every 
stage of their healthcare journey, regardless of their background, location, language or level 
of digital maturity.

Join us on the journey towards healthcare transformation. To explore the Hub’s capabilities in detail and understand how it can be seamlessly integrated into your healthcare organization or NHS Trust, download our guide here.

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