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Here at EBO we usher-in positive change. We build new, secure, game-changing technology that results in better patient outcomes and ultimately better patient health. We continue to drive forward, creating richer more responsive patient journeys, one patient conversation at a time. It is tried and tested and what’s most exciting – you can be part of it.

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How Does it Work?

By leveraging the power of Conversational AI and automation, EBO develops highly configurable AI solutions to help healthcare providers automate patient facing processes end-to-end, releasing efficiency, increasing work capacity, and reducing operational costs.  

Our platform is a proprietary intelligent process enabler that integrates with healthcare information systems to provide real-time digital experiences that empower healthcare organisations.

Meet your customised AI-powered Virtual Assistant

The VA speaks 100+ languages!

The VA reaches out to the patient via SMS, Email, Social Messaging

Patient responds to VA

The VA actions the task based on the patient’s response

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Hi Michael! 👋 I’m Sophie, the NHS Virtual Assistant. It seems that you are on the waiting list for physiotherapy with the MSK team at St. Anne’s Hospital. Do you still need this appointment?

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Thank you for confirming.

Our team will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment date as soon as one becomes available.

If you receive an appointment by letter and cannot attend, you will be given the opportunity to change this. Please be aware that failure to attend your appointment may result in you being discharged.

Michael 11:45AM

But when are you going to see me? I’m feeling worse and I’m struggling to walk and work.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

I’m very sorry to hear that. Would you like to talk to someone from the service about it?

Michael 11:45AM

Yes, please.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

Sure, I will inform the team and someone will give you a call in the next 48 hours.

NHS Trust 11:45AM

If it needs to be looked at more urgently please contact your GP or phone 111 for advice.

Michael 11:45AM

Thank you.

Patient Engagement with Empathy

EBO’s AI-powered Patient Engagement Solution enables you to automate patient communications at scale whist maintaining empathy and the human touch.

Enterprise Conversation Engine

EBO leads in revolutionising customer engagement through our Enterprise Conversation Engine. This sophisticated platform enables the development and management of healthcare-specific automated dialogues, leveraging advanced contextual understanding, data analytics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generation (NLG). It supports multiple languages, real-time monitoring, and streamlined workflow management, enhancing patient interactions. 

Industry-specific training models

Our platform excels in healthcare-specific AI models, crucial for nuanced tasks in the public and private healthcare sector. EBO’s models ensure semantic interoperability, maintaining data meaning for accurate analysis. These models are embodied in industry-specific use cases and advanced AI training models, continually updated for precision and personalisation, thus significantly enhancing patient experiences. 


EBO’s platform ensures seamless data integration across multiple layers, from foundational secure data exchanges to semantic data meaning standardisation. Our Integration Hub facilitates efficient connections with internal healthcare systems, NLP platforms and patient communication tools offering robust security, real-time data updating, data transformation, and error detection for optimal interoperability.

List Management

Our platform adeptly manages patient lists, underpinning our communication outreach capabilities. It includes automated communication based on business logic, centralised management, a user-friendly management dashboard, and comprehensive reporting features. This pillar was initially served the NHS for the validation of patient waiting lists and has evolved into a critical tool for wider patient-centric management. 


EBO’s advanced communication capabilities include context-driven email, social messaging, chat, speech and SMS outreach. Integrated with client systems and our List Management pillar, this framework supports multi-channel communication, AI-driven personalisation, secure outreach, extensive language support, automated follow-ups, and sentiment analysis, enhancing outreach and user engagement. 

Human handover

Our platform ensures a smooth transition from any AI-automated touchpoint to human agents when needed. This includes advanced context-awareness, real-time collaboration, seamless handoff, and adaptive learning. These features enable efficient management of complex enquiries and continuous refinement of automated responses, making our AI solutions comprehensive and evolutionary. 

Security & privacy

Security and privacy form the core of EBO’s platform, especially as we handle increasing volumes of sensitive data. Our robust security measures include infrastructure management with Azure Key Vault for secure storage, HTTPS and TLS 1.3 protocols for secure data transmission, and AES-256 encryption for conversation data. Our platform also features Permission-Based Access Control and Multi-Factor Authentication, ensuring the highest standards of data security and user privacy aligned to GDPR obligations and data-sovereignty requirements prescribed in the UK. We are ISO27001 certified and CyberEssentials Plus compliant. 

Actionable business insights & analytics

Our platform’s ability to derive actionable insights from conversational data is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and value delivery. We offer Interactive Dashboards for real-time performance monitoring, Automated Performance Reports for outcome-based assessments, and Custom Reports for in-depth data analysis. These tools, combined with Sentiment Analysis and real-time monitoring capabilities, transform raw data into critical business insights.

Omni-channel platform

Our platform’s approach to multi-channel engagement ensures seamless integration across diverse communication channels. We provide robust connections to social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, voice channels, and our own web component development for direct website integration. Our partnerships with industry leaders in this space enhances our capabilities, offering features like intent and entity recognition, omnichannel context preservation, and advanced conversation routing for an adaptive and engaging customer experience. 

Intelligent Portal

The Intelligent Portal is a central hub for Conversation AI, persistent memory, Business Intelligence, and logic workflows. This industry-agnostic portal serves as an interactive ecosystem, facilitating human-like interactions and turning data into actionable insights. It offers multi-language support, voice-based interaction capabilities, intuitive navigation, and customer journey mapping through a familiar web interface. This Portal stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering an efficient, inclusive, and responsive user experience. 

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