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EBO's Professional Services harness the full potential of AI, elevating patient engagement and achieving operational excellence.

EBO’s professional services for healthcare support the implementation of its core products and help prepare for an EBO Project, deliver digital transformation and maximise return on investment.

Co-Design User Experience

Collaborating with patients and staff to enhance portal interfaces for user satisfaction.

Project Management & Analytics

Providing additional resources for agile project management and a swift project launch.

ROI Acceleration

Identifying opportunities for improvement through workflow analysis to quickly achieve maximum ROI.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging clinical leaders and staff with  design to align with NHS priorities.

Build Specific Dialogues

Designing AI patient-facing dialogues for use in assessments and portals.

Pathway & Process Redesign

Refining clinical pathways and business process logic for AI solution implementation.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Identifying and strategising to minimize potential roadblocks with AI and clinical expertise.

Equality & Diversity Analysis

Enhancing product accessibility and adoption among diverse user groups.

Quality & Benefit Audits

Evaluating service quality and patient outcomes with recommendations for improvement.

Performance Metrics & Analytics

Aligning with NHS KPIs using data analytics capabilities.

Post-Implementation Review (PIR)

Assessing impact and effectiveness of deployed solutions for future enhancements.

Ongoing Training & Education

Regular training sessions for staff on best practices and system updates.


Patient Adoption Services

Driving patient adoption rates with personalised educational materials and demos.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Aligning Trust operations with NHS KPIs using robust data analytics.

SMS Harness Integration

Preparing external SMS services for integration into AI projects.

Patient Outreach and Education

Trialing automated outreach strategies and patient education to gauge user engagement.

These professional services are meticulously structured to ensure NHS Trusts can effectively leverage EBO’s AI solutions, enhancing patient engagement and improving operational efficiencies in healthcare delivery.

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