Robust, Scalable and Effective Digital Healthcare Solutions

The advanced capabilities of EBO’s Platform are meticulously adapted to address the specific needs and use-cases unique to the healthcare industry.  

Our Solutions

Utilising advanced Natural Language Processing techniques and Machine Learning algorithms, our Platform not only enables efficient communication between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring accurate comprehension and analysis of complex terminology but also supports the generation of meaningful, bidirectional conversation between ICS or Trust.

Two methods of application

Choose to deploy stand-alone or fully integrated services, linked to your Patient Record System. Both options  are supported by our extensive experience in operational excellence and digital innovation. 

Our solution can be purchased as:

Point Solution

A single point solution tackling a specific pain point and adopted at specialty level.

Trust-wide Solution

A fully integrated solution scaled across various departments and covering multiple use-cases for maximum benefit.

From rapid deployment of standalone systems to full integration of enterprise solutions into existing EPRs, we leverage over 100 years of collective healthcare experience for your digital transformation.  

Our solution comes with a strong implementation and service component built-in. We offer complete project management and benefits realisation services, so you can rest assured of your projects’ success. 

Our conversation design expertise and continuous improvement process do not stop at Go Live – rather optimisation is ongoing throughout the life of the product. This is a distinguishing factor as your solution improves over time. 

Intelligent Patient Portal

The future of patient engagement is here

Designed to propel the NHS into a new era of patient-centric and interoperable healthcare delivery, EBO’s second generation portal provides an AI-powered solution surfaced through the NHS App or the Trust’s own digital front door. 

Digital Women's Health Hub

Powered by Conversational AI, this solution offers a digital front door to clinical services, empowering women’s health and addressing their daily healthcare needs.

Waiting List Validation

An innovative AI solution that automates validation processes end-to-end, using its bespoke AI powered Virtual Assistant (VA) as a friendly interface with the patient. 

Appointment Management

Automating appointment-related tasks to alleviate admin burden, increase staff capacity, create hospital efficiency and elevate patient experience. 


Replace tedious, unengaging digital forms with two-way natural communication. We’re revolutionising the healthcare digital landscape – one conversation at a time.  


A seamless and secure method to notify patients when new documents are added to their medical records. 


Lab Results

A highly accurate and efficient means of processing and disseminating routine lab results.  

Winning Clients’ Trust

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