Improving Patient Interactions and Giving Time Back to Human Healthcare Staff

“The era of static, impersonal patient portals is ending. The next frontier is a healthcare revolution where technology does more than process requests—it understands and empathises, ” Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO, EBO.

Just a few decades ago, many people would balk at the idea of giving out sensitive information to a machine or allowing AI to carry out certain important processes that might sometimes even mean life or death. Now, the world has changed. And the perception of what AI can do has changed as well, with people responding well to AI integrations in their day-to-day lives.

Unquestionably, machines and people are good at different things. Machines can complete and replicate tasks fast and tirelessly; people can connect with their customers and clients on an emotional level. AI is not intended to replace human capability but enhance it.

AI Virtual Assistants have the potential to transform how society operates, and their use in the health sector is one of the most potentially valuable applications of this technology. EBO’s AI solutions enable healthcare staff to be alleviated from repetitive tasks and leave them free to focus on solving more significant complex issues.

Some ways in which EBO’s Virtual Assistant can help create patient-friendly experiences are:

  • Booking, canceling and rescheduling appointments
  • Viewing appointment letters online
  • Receiving appointment reminders and notifications of changes
  • Checking clinic opening times
  • Asking about contact details

EBO’s AI solutions can be incorporated into social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Webchat and so on. They can also be integrated into existing PAS or EPR systems.

EBO’s Virtual Assistants benefit from the latest machine learning technologies, enabling them to engage in quality conversations with patients. Through Natural Language Processing and machine learning, Virtual Assistants are continually learning how to perform tasks better.

In the post-pandemic world, Virtual Assistants will be vital in helping hospitals and clinics to maximise their resources and data, increase efficiency, improve processes, workflows and operations and boost patient and staff experience, while assisting healthcare providers in providing a patient-centric experience. The time is now for healthcare providers to adopt and benefit from products such as the EBO Virtual Assistant.

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