Join us for the 6th edition of the Diversity & Inclusion Conference – Taking Action, a pivotal event organized by Betsson Group on November 8, 2023.

EBO’s CEO, Dr. Gege Gatt, will present a thought-provoking session at the conference, centering on “AI: Unlocking Human Capital Efficiency While Mitigating Bias Risks.” This session is designed to navigate the intricate landscape of AI’s impact on today’s workplaces, emphasizing its transformative capabilities and the potential risks associated with unintended biases.

Why Attend?

  • Gain insights into AI’s transformative potential and the risks associated with unintended workplace biases.
  • Understand the profound psychological effects of AI on organizational dynamics and algorithmic shaping.
  • Learn actionable strategies and robust frameworks for the ethical deployment of AI technology.
  • Explore AI’s evolving role in decision-making, addressing transparency and data biases.
  • Engage in discussions on inclusivity and equity in enterprise AI systems.

Join us in exploring the transparency levels of the AI systems utilized within your enterprise. Are they constructed on fair, unbiased data, or do they inadvertently reinforce existing societal biases? Engage in these critical discussions at the conference to shape a more responsible and inclusive future for our workforce.

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AI: Unlocking Human Capital Efficiency While Mitigating Bias Risks


Dr. Gege Gatt

CEO and founder, EBO

EBO’s CEO and founder, Dr. Gege Gatt is a digital entrepreneur, lecturer, IT-Law specialist and a Director serving on a number of company boards. As a thought leader in the industry, Gege regularly contributes to IT publications and academic papers, and is a frequent speaker at business and tech conferences. As an advocate for properly regulated ethical AI, Dr. Gege has supported the implementation of new ICT laws in the AI field. He also acts as a Board Member on the Vatican’s initiative on technology and well being: Humanity 2.0 for which he also mentored the first ever Vatican Hackathon.

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